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PuTTY 0.60

PuTTY Editor's Review

I've been using PuTTY for more than 7 years now, and I can tell you it's one of the best SSH clients I've ever tried. The truth is that the first time I tried it, I didn't even know what SSH means. So, I suggest you search some documentation about SSH before using this software (you can start with an explanation from our help section).

But PuTTY isn't only a SSH client. It also supports raw data transfer and other protocols, like Telnet, or the old Rlogin. Each setting you make in order to connect to your server can be saved into a session, making it easy to connect to multiple servers with just a couple of clicks. The program supports logging, changing the size of the terminal window, changing the scrollback buffer, selecting an auto-login username, choosing a proxy, several encryption ciphers for SSH, and many more.

PuTTY can create SSH tunnels between local area networks. This is a very good way of securing your connections. For example, I have a router at my home, which acts as a gateway for my LAN. The router is running a simple SSH daemon, and doesn't forward my Windows Remote Desktop Connection port. Instead, I use PuTTY to create a SSH tunnel to my home computer, which is by far more secure. However, it's only an example of what you can do with this software. Its features are, in my opinion, good enough for an average, or even for an advanced user.

Pluses: Easy to use: just enter the host you want to connect to, and choose the correct protocol. Supports IPv6.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Free, with more functionality than most of the other SSH clients, I recommend you download and try it.

version reviewed: 0.60

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